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21st August 2019

Consorzio ARCA & Medical University of Gdańsk ran successful networking events to raise interest in EIT Health

On 26 October, the EIT Health RIS Hub – Consorzio ARCA – organised the Linux Day on Life Science: Technology in the health sector.

It was an event dedicated to companies and the theme was Open Source Health and Privacy. The event was organised as part of appointments dedicated to #LinuxDay and promoted by EIT Health InnoStars.

Many professionals took part in the event, such as Luis Falcón Martín, a computer scientist and Spanish physician, the founder of the GNU NGO and the developer of the #GNUHealth programme. The Technology Transfer Office of the Medical University of Gdańsk was a co-organiser of the Venture Day 2018.

The Venture Day 2018 was the 6th annual conference for entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, investors, start-ups and public administrators and an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. The focus of this conference was on the implementation and collaboration between public and private sectors, and the challenges facing commercialisation of research.

Katarzyna Waligóra-Borek PhD, p.o. Director of the MUG TTO, gave a presentation titled “Models of cooperation between the Medical University of Gdańsk and start-ups.”

The representatives of start-ups who participated in the EIT Health Acceleration competitions on behalf of MUG also gave their presentations:

  • Przemysław Majewski from Dlabs: “Artificial Intelligence in the Smart Specialisation of Pomerania”
  • Paweł Jarmołkowicz from Harimata: “A tablet screening test as an educational game supporting autism detection”
  • Magdalena Derebecka from Holoroad: “Holoroad as a tool to regain independence by the visually impaired”

Magdalena Kukowska-Kaszuba, PhD from MUG TTO, was a jury member of “Pitching Venture Capital” during which investment funds were presented as possibilities of financial support for start-ups.

Additionally, Technology Transfer Office of the Medical University of Gdańsk organised the EIT Health workshop “CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN: for start-ups.” The event took place on 9 November at MUG, and has received a great deal of attention of innovators and start-ups.

The workshop was attended by employees of scientific units of the university, MUGs students and PhD students as well as the representatives of start-ups creating solutions in the medical field.

Those participating in the training had an excellent opportunity to acquire knowledge of the basics of marketing, management, and economics, which could be necessary for setting up and developing their own businesses. joins forces with La Roche-Posay joins forces with La Roche-Posay

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