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Linxens joins EIT Health France as Network Partner

20th August 2019

A Partner designing and manufacturing microconnectors and RFID Antennas and Inlays

Linxens will be joining EIT Health to better understand the market and the challenges of the health industry and to connect to key players of the Blood Glucose Monitoring market.

Linxens wants to contribute to the EIT Health Partners’ success by providing the connectivity solutions required to solve the market challenges.

Linxens is a world-class provider of component-based solutions for the security and identity market.

They design and manufacture microconnectors and RFID Antennas and Inlays. Linxens has supplied more than 90 billion connectors with undisputed market and cost leadership and a Global manufacturing footprint.

Linxens facts and figures:

  • € 500 million turnover
  • Seven production sites
  • Four Research and Development centres
  • 3 000 employees in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand
  • 200 clients all over the world

What Linxens will bring to EIT Health as a Partner:

Linxens offers customised solutions for integrated circuit substrates and thin flexible printed circuit boards. These are used in a large range of industrial and consumer applications as well as various IC packaging platforms.

Linxens value proposition:

With 30 years experience in mass-volume manufacturing of flexible printing circuits and leadframe Global manufacturing footprint (Germany, France, Singapore, Thailand, China), Linxens offers unrivalled capacity for high volume production.

Their world-class expertise are in: high speed stamping and etching, in line gold and palladium selective plating, automatic optical inspection State of the art test and equipment laboratory, as well as assembly prototyping and equipment testing.

Download the documents below to learn more about Linxens. joins forces with La Roche-Posay joins forces with La Roche-Posay

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