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LETI launches its 2nd edition of Medtech Entrepreneur-In-Residence Programme

14th August 2019

Leti is targeting segments aligned with medical, industrial and societal needs

Leti, a technological research institute at CEA Tech which has launched more than 60 start-ups and is an EIT Health Partner, has created a Medtech Entrepreneur-In-Residence programme to help bring to market creative devices and solutions that will address tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

The first edition has led to the selection of a project focusing on IoT for Healthcare in collaboration with a senior medtech engineer and a clinician. The project is currently in the incubation phase. Entrepreneurs who qualify to join the programme will have access to Leti’s state-of-the-art technological, preclinical and clinical platforms and its knowhow to design and create products or solutions and launch disruptive start-ups.

Leti’s global approach to developing medical technology is the result of the excellence, expertise and multidisciplinary approach of its researchers, its infrastructure and its strong relationships with leading medical-industry partners. For the programme’s second participation challenge, Leti is targeting segments aligned with medical, industrial and societal needs.

These include:

  • Point-of-Care diagnosis,
  • Internet of Things for healthcare, from prevention to treatment,
  • Medical devices for innovative therapies such as drug delivery, physical effectors and bioelectronics.
  • And medical devices for exposome monitoring (environmental exposure)
  • Selected entrepreneurs will benefit from incubation periods of six to 12 months that includes:
  1. Access to Leti’s research teams, laboratories and technical expertise (state-of-the-art clean-rooms, photonics, biological, chemistry, microfluidic, electronic, modeling, characterisation, clinical and pre-clinical facilities)
  2. Identification of relevant Intellectual Property from Leti’s portfolio of 2,760 patents
  3. Resources for the joint development of an IP-based proof-of-concept for the target market and application
  4. Access to Leti’s start-up programme, and potentially to its partners’ mentorship programmes, on a case-by-case basis.

Applications are expected by 1 December 2018.

Downlod the application form below.

For further enquiries contact:

  • Philippe Ruffin, joins forces with La Roche-Posay joins forces with La Roche-Posay

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