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EIT Health UK-Ireland Partners involved in four Innovation Projects

16th July 2019

Partners Join 2018 Innovation Projects

AstraZeneca, Imperial College, and Trinity College Dublin are involved in four EIT Health Innovation Projects in 2018.

AstraZeneca is a partner on the Innovation by Design project EHR2E (From Electronic Health Records to Electronic Data Capture systems) aiming at improving and commercialising a clinical research technology platform (InSite) enabling a trustworthy re-use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) data, to improve global research and accelerate access to treatment innovations. The project includes a training program for hospital staff to increase data quality.

Imperial College London is partnering on the Innovation by Design project ADAPT (Airway Disease Analysis and Prevention) led by Thermofisher Scientific, introducing a diagnostic kit for assessing airway biomarkers in lining fluids in a non-invasive manner, ADAPT innovates prevention, early intervention, and personalised medicine for allergic respiratory diseases.

The CroíValve project is an innovative heart valve repair technology from Trinity College Dublin. “Croí” translates as ‘heart’ in Irish, and for patients with dysfunctional tricuspid valves this new minimally invasive approach differs from the traditional open-heart surgery, and offers a lesser risk of mortality and a rapid increase in the quality of life.

The ADPS (Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction Service) is an Innovation by ideas project led by ETH Zurich and involving Trinity College Dublin. ADPS is a pre-symptomatic, computational biomarker that predicts Alzheimer’s risk for people 50+, thus providing a far less invasive (cerebrospinal fluid analysis), expensive (neuroimaging), and time-consuming (neuropsychological assessment) alternative to the current state-of-the-art diagnosis measures of Alzheimer’s disease.

Read the Business Plan 2019 Call, if you would like to run an Innovation Project in 2019.

For project applications contact:

Alexis Pacquit, – Innovation Manager UK-Ireland

For more information on AstraZeneca click here.

For more information on Imperial College London click here.

For more information on Trinity College Dublin click here.

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