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Novel motion capture system supports patients’ rehabilitation

15th July 2019

EIT Health-supported project offers a wearable system that has attracted hundreds of developers

Notch, Winner of the EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2016 and participant of TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 2017, has created a wearable motion capture system for smartphones, used for precise range of motion analysis in healthcare applications.
The project promises the most user-friendly and cost-effective method to analyze range of motion of limbs and to perform kinetic and kinematic evaluation of the whole body.

Patients wear tiny motion sensors on their body, on designated places that collect the 3D motion data. Their software processes and analyses the data and provides necessary information for motion analytics, such as joint angles, accelerations and velocities. All the information is available immediately on the smartphone screen. Notch also provides their partners access to open software development kit that allows to create and deploy next-generation motion analysis apps and products in just 3 months.

Hundreds of developers have signed up for Notch: Pioneer products and already developing applications for various use cases in healthcare and wellness from clinical trials for life-threatening conditions to rehabilitation apps distributed among patients.

Over the several years spent on R&D, manufacturing and launch of the product, Notch Interfaces has built deep understanding of motion capture technology and motion trackers’ market as well as has built reputation as the leader in the emerging sector of consumer-friendly motion analysis products.
Notch Interfaces Inc. has already established relationships with leading hospitals in Europe, USA and Asia, household names in rehabilitation space.

Notch developer kits has been used in various universities and have received praise by independent specialists in the field of ergonomics.

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